Kitchen Essentials

This page is dedicated to the staples of my kitchen.  A healthy lifestyle and healthy eating require the best the body can receive.  For several years, after doing my online research, I've added items to my kitchen which give our bodies better nutrition and keep us on the daily road to healthy eating.  The items will be displayed on this page and as I find new things to share, I will include them.

Himalayan Pink Salt

This salt is considered the purest form of salt on the Earth.  Do  your research for best prices and the benefits of this essential for any kitchen. 

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is different from the cinnamon we normally buy at our local stores.  It come from different trees, different regions and the quality is different.  One quick way to tell is the roll of the sticks.  Ceylon cinnamon is rolled much like a cigar, the cheaper cinnamon (cassia) is rolled like a scroll.  Ground cinnamon is more difficult to tell apart.  I bought a pound of the Ceylon cinnamon and it's lasted me a good long while and that's with giving small amounts away as gifts.  It's worth checking out! 

                                          Love Braggs Products


I really cant say enough good things about these products.  The Apple Cider Vinegar comes with the "mother" which can't be found in regular vinegar.  When allergies have you down or you have a sore throat, just make this simple mix:

Add to one cup of hot water - 2 tbs of Braggs ACV , 2 tbs of Lemon Juice, 2 tbs of local honey, a pinch of cayenne.  Sip on that and it really helps me and my family.  Hope it does the same for you and yours!