Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peace On Earth

Tis Christmas Eve Eve, December 23rd and all through the house, there is the sound of last minute gifts being wrapped and gift tags secured.

There is something this holiday season that has managed to recapture child like appreciate in me and that is the Christmas card.  Holiday greetings, Christmas cards, call them what you will, in this digital age when we seldom put a stamp on anything anymore, receiving a real Christmas card has become special.

It seemed not very long ago, I took delight in selecting an online Ecard for the holidays and within a couple of minutes, it was attached to various email address and sent on it's way.  Not alot of thought went into that effort yet it was all the rage and the trendy thing to do.  After all, there was so much to do and I was busy with holiday details.

As with new and improved ways of doing things, we often have a chance to remember the old way of doing something as simple as wishing those we love and care about a happy holiday season.

This year I purchased a box of Christmas cards, took pen in hand and crafted each wish for designated recipients. I took my time, wrote out thank yous for acts of kindness and my wishes for a Merry Christmas.  Yes, by the 24th card, my writing was a little less festive but when I noticed fatigue, I simply slowed down and took my time.  It was not a race to finish these cards.  It was not a task that I wanted of which to be rid.  So, I steadied my hand, slowed my breathing and took a few moments to think as I wrote.

In the hustle and bustle of this time of year, we really have to make an effort to slow down, to savor moments and to keep that meaningful pace.  To hurry along as if we needed more hours in a day is to miss that cozy feeling we all longed for this time of year.  We waited an entire year for this magical season.  The warmth of lights and the beautiful colors.  Music that can make your feet dance or make your soul weep.  We waited and waited.  So don't hurry the days.  Don't hurry the cards and don't forget to look at each of them.  Read their words and let them be a part of the holiday landscape.  They have been a constant and the world needs more constants.

To each of you, I wish you Peace and .....

                                                                          Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just When You Thought No One Was Looking

 Oops, looks like I started this in April and never finished it.  Finally I wrapped it up and now it can be added to my memories.............As chance would have it our next gathering is tomorrow!

The past two weekends have been filled to the brim with the Unexpected.  I know that Life does that, tosses us a ball now and then..sometimes a curve ball, sometimes a meatball.  Sometimes we are simply handed so many blessings at one time that it feels surreal.

Two weekends ago, it was the neighborhood block party.  In my small town, everyone knows everyone for the most part.  On my street, we find ourselves too busy to spend much time together.  One neighbor organized a block party last year.  Everyone turned out with their lawn chairs, enjoyed grilled hot dogs and other items brought for the feast.  But it was a first and not very comfortable.  Chairs were placed in a large circle and it had the feel of an unwanted intervention instead of a friendly gathering of neighbors.

This year was different.  It was comfortable and the day couldn't have been more lovely.

My Son had the great fortune of working the grill, cooking hot dogs for the masses and greeting people as they came down the street, lawn chairs in hand.  There was great fellowship and many amazing things were created by this one event.  My Son, who still has trouble at school with kids constantly calling him names and telling him to "shut up" whenever he engages in conversation, had the good fortune of spending time with the across the street neighbor, who happens to be an Austin police officer.  This man had heard my son was having trouble at school and wanted to help.  He spent time with my son and the following weekend invited him to go to Austin to watch the Longhorns practice.

 My son also met a documentary film maker, a dream come true for him.  If you were to ask My Son what he wanted to do when he grows up, he will consistently tell you..."I want to make movies".  I mean, he really wants me to buy him one of those big green screens for a movie set!  I can hardly squash the passion and dream this child carries inside him.  But I keep it "real" and let him learn that there is no fast track to success in that endeavor.  As with all passions, perfection comes with time, trial and error.

One memory I took from this day was a little baby girl,sitting in the grass on this lovely day.  The sun was shining low in the sky and someone was blowing bubbles for her.  It was a Kodak moment indeed.  There are simple quiet moments that occur each and every day.  Moments of perfection and peace.  This was one such moment.  With all the people around, all the conversations and laughter, there sat this tiny little girl, happy and content, smiling at the bubbles.

What a nice day this turned out to be.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Personal Problem With Pinterest

Pinterest.  I love it.  I look at it every day.  I pin, pin, pin and then I pin some more.  I see things that I love and I pin it.  I see things I want to try and I pin them.  I am a big time pinner. 

Before Pinterest, I used the Internet to search for the many answers to the even more questions I might have at any given time.  I often think before the Internet when I needed to know how to do something or solve a problem, I had to go to the library or book store and spend time searching through many books looking for the end result I sought.  Not anymore.  The Internet has brought the world to my fingertips and all the answers are out there and I never have to leave the comfort of my home.

Pinterest goes a step beyond that.  I no longer have to wait for the questions.  Recipes, ideas, crafts, fashion and how to do it yourself projects are right there for me to see.  Sometimes I don't even have the thought in my mind til I see someones pin and then its like "Oh my gosh, that's a great idea!".  And I pin it.

The real problem I have with Pinterest is that I have about a million pins but so far I have only completed one project.  I have so many "to dos" that I need several lifetimes to complete them.  Being a full time working mom means time is limited.  I have so many pins I don't even remember what I have pinned but I know they are something I really wanted to make or do.

Now if that wasn't frustrating enough, there is a second element to this problem and that is the overwhelming need to find more pins.  Let me explain.  The time that I should be using actually using and trying some of the many pins I already have is overshadowed by the need to find more pins.  I go to my beloved Pinterest site and begin searching knowing full well that I don't even have time to use the pins I already have.  But, in my mind I'm saying "If I don't look at the current pins, I might miss something really great and obviously, I have surrendered my independent thinking to the bounty that is the current round of posted pins".  See the problem?

So my goal is to actually manage my time between home, work, pin and create.  I wonder how I can possibly do that.  Perhaps someone has already pinned that.  I will go look and see whats there.