Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Personal Problem With Pinterest

Pinterest.  I love it.  I look at it every day.  I pin, pin, pin and then I pin some more.  I see things that I love and I pin it.  I see things I want to try and I pin them.  I am a big time pinner. 

Before Pinterest, I used the Internet to search for the many answers to the even more questions I might have at any given time.  I often think before the Internet when I needed to know how to do something or solve a problem, I had to go to the library or book store and spend time searching through many books looking for the end result I sought.  Not anymore.  The Internet has brought the world to my fingertips and all the answers are out there and I never have to leave the comfort of my home.

Pinterest goes a step beyond that.  I no longer have to wait for the questions.  Recipes, ideas, crafts, fashion and how to do it yourself projects are right there for me to see.  Sometimes I don't even have the thought in my mind til I see someones pin and then its like "Oh my gosh, that's a great idea!".  And I pin it.

The real problem I have with Pinterest is that I have about a million pins but so far I have only completed one project.  I have so many "to dos" that I need several lifetimes to complete them.  Being a full time working mom means time is limited.  I have so many pins I don't even remember what I have pinned but I know they are something I really wanted to make or do.

Now if that wasn't frustrating enough, there is a second element to this problem and that is the overwhelming need to find more pins.  Let me explain.  The time that I should be using actually using and trying some of the many pins I already have is overshadowed by the need to find more pins.  I go to my beloved Pinterest site and begin searching knowing full well that I don't even have time to use the pins I already have.  But, in my mind I'm saying "If I don't look at the current pins, I might miss something really great and obviously, I have surrendered my independent thinking to the bounty that is the current round of posted pins".  See the problem?

So my goal is to actually manage my time between home, work, pin and create.  I wonder how I can possibly do that.  Perhaps someone has already pinned that.  I will go look and see whats there.

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