Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just When You Thought No One Was Looking

 Oops, looks like I started this in April and never finished it.  Finally I wrapped it up and now it can be added to my memories.............As chance would have it our next gathering is tomorrow!

The past two weekends have been filled to the brim with the Unexpected.  I know that Life does that, tosses us a ball now and then..sometimes a curve ball, sometimes a meatball.  Sometimes we are simply handed so many blessings at one time that it feels surreal.

Two weekends ago, it was the neighborhood block party.  In my small town, everyone knows everyone for the most part.  On my street, we find ourselves too busy to spend much time together.  One neighbor organized a block party last year.  Everyone turned out with their lawn chairs, enjoyed grilled hot dogs and other items brought for the feast.  But it was a first and not very comfortable.  Chairs were placed in a large circle and it had the feel of an unwanted intervention instead of a friendly gathering of neighbors.

This year was different.  It was comfortable and the day couldn't have been more lovely.

My Son had the great fortune of working the grill, cooking hot dogs for the masses and greeting people as they came down the street, lawn chairs in hand.  There was great fellowship and many amazing things were created by this one event.  My Son, who still has trouble at school with kids constantly calling him names and telling him to "shut up" whenever he engages in conversation, had the good fortune of spending time with the across the street neighbor, who happens to be an Austin police officer.  This man had heard my son was having trouble at school and wanted to help.  He spent time with my son and the following weekend invited him to go to Austin to watch the Longhorns practice.

 My son also met a documentary film maker, a dream come true for him.  If you were to ask My Son what he wanted to do when he grows up, he will consistently tell you..."I want to make movies".  I mean, he really wants me to buy him one of those big green screens for a movie set!  I can hardly squash the passion and dream this child carries inside him.  But I keep it "real" and let him learn that there is no fast track to success in that endeavor.  As with all passions, perfection comes with time, trial and error.

One memory I took from this day was a little baby girl,sitting in the grass on this lovely day.  The sun was shining low in the sky and someone was blowing bubbles for her.  It was a Kodak moment indeed.  There are simple quiet moments that occur each and every day.  Moments of perfection and peace.  This was one such moment.  With all the people around, all the conversations and laughter, there sat this tiny little girl, happy and content, smiling at the bubbles.

What a nice day this turned out to be.

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