Monday, March 12, 2012

The Possibility Of The Pineapple Top

It seems that in the blink of an eye, Spring has sprung.  Not only did it spring, but it came after a Winter of rains. Fall brought rainfall that restored our yard to the green of another season. 

Not long ago, I was writing several times a week about the relentless drought.  Now we have had life giving rains all winter and it was only around noon today that the sun made an appearance.  The back yard is soaked and the garden area unfit for planting.  Still I wait to plant the tomato plants and herbs I recently purchased.  Such is the life of a farmer girl in Central Texas. Its a waiting game. Waiting for the soil to dry, waiting for the temperatures to even out and waiting for more rain as the season progresses.

It wont be long and the hummingbirds will be back in my yard.  The Sun has already made it's move and no longer warms us where we sat on the back porch during the cold of Winter.

Its time to start thinking BBQ and long hot Summer days.  I dare say I do better in the Summer than the Winter.

Today I pondered the possibilities of growing the top of a Pineapple I purchased today from the store.  I did my homework, watched countless How To videos and read articles.  Once again, the depth of the Internet amazes me.  Is there nothing it can not show me how to do, how to build or how to manage?  I'm most grateful to have the resource at my fingertips.  I will be using a fresh Pineapple with my juicing today but what to do with that beautiful top?  The thought of tossing it in the trash seems harsh and cruel considering the fact that this piece of greenery can simply and easily be turned into a plant of great beauty.  They are very slow growing and they seem to be hearty, you just have to monitor watering and temperatures.  They will not do well in the Winters here in Central Texas so my Pineapple will need to be an indoor plant. 

I captured some pictures from the Internet of the lovely Pineapple both young and older.  They do get big but it doesn't seem to be something that happens overnight so I should have ample time to repot and prepare for the spread.  My thanks to those that shared their pictures with all of us as you have traveled a road I have not yet begun to walk.

This top appears to be at the one year mark and seems most manageable.  They recommended the Terra cotta planter to allow the soil to breathe and not become overly wet during waterings.

This top is obviously much older and MUCH bigger.  It is grown outdoors in a well mulched area but whether indoors or out, you can expect the plant to grow slowly.   Should you decide to tackle this lovely project, know that at some time it will grow to a size that needs to be managed and protected in Winter.

For some reason, I think we should all attempt to grow a Pineapple at some point.  To me its like celery or green onions as its yet another chance to take something we get from the store, normally discard and find a second life for it. 

I just love the idea of second lives.

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