Friday, April 20, 2012

The Window's Tale

I finished the week with the continued notion of Moms.

Today at my window, where I care for hundreds of customers a day mostly high school students, a senior boy came to sign in.  He was late, very late and as he wrote his name and time of arrival, I asked him if he had a note to explain his delay.

He said "You wont believe this", to which I replied "I'm sure I wont" and smiled.

He said "No listen, I woke up late and when I went to the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror, I saw this red ring on the side of my face.  I thought, oh my God, that looks like ringworm!  How could I have gotten ringworm?"

I listened as the story unfolded.  He continued and said "So I called my Mom who happens to work at a medical clinic.  I said Mom, I think I have ringworm on my face and I don't understand how this happened."

I began writing out his pass to class as he elaborated on this tale of his morning.

"So I drove to my Mom's office thinking all the while, how could I have gotten ringworm, I don't understand it". He described meeting his Mom there at the clinic and how she was looking at the red mark on his face.  He said "then she began wiping the red mark with alcohol and said, hmm, this red is coming off.  Dillon this is my lipstick from when I kissed you goodbye this morning!!!"

I couldn't help but laugh.  I looked at this tall young man, about six feet tall to be exact and saw his smiling face.  He was as amused as I was at the events of this bizarre morning.  I wrote his pass to class and he asked me if the absence would be excused.  I said "Are you kidding me?  How can I do anything else but excuse it." 

After he left, I once again thought about Moms.  Here was a case in point of a Mom sneaking into her grown son's room to kiss him goodbye before she left for work.  No doubt she had been kissing him all his life and that habit would never break as long as he slept in her home.

The whole story just made me smile.  It just goes to prove that a Mom's love never changes no matter how big their babies grow to be.

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