Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Graceful Art Of Purging

I have begun the process of simplifying.  Purging from my world things I do not use on a regular basis.  This will not be easy.  If it were, they would already be long gone.

Today, I will begin gathering up things I no longer need or can no longer use.  These items will be taken to locations here in town for donation.  I have fully come to understand the beauty and elegance of giving what you don't need and finding what you do at a fraction of the retail price.  Call it frugality if you like, it all just makes sense as we live in a very costly world.  Food prices, energy prices, just life in general costs more.  Cutting corners just makes sense.  As parents, we teach valuable lessons to our children about financial responsibility and how to maneuver fiscally through life.  This is one way they can learn about resources available to them and how to help others in the process.

There is a delicate dance to be danced in the world of recycling.  The things I donate are readily made available to others who live their lives pinching pennies and counting dimes.  The charitable organizations themselves create jobs and opportunities for people in my community.  I can walk into any resale shop in town and always find something I need.  And the really cool thing is that I not only find something I need, I find something that has history.  It's history might never be known to me, but the fact that it is there adds value to the item.  Perhaps I'm just kooky that way, but it matters to me.  The unknown history adds a dimension that new items lack.  And I love the price tag to boot!

Freecycling is another great vehicle for moving items no longer needed or wanted.  I recall several Christmases that had me putting gently used toys on my porch for pick up by a family that needed toys for their children.  I loved knowing the family saved precious money and delighted their young ones with great toys.  Several weeks ago, I snagged a recliner for free from Freecycle. 

Sometimes the world just comes together easily, simply and affordably if you just know where to look for the pieces. I hope everyone will take time to donate to organizations in your town.  By doing so, you help complete the circle.

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