Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night

Halloween has always been a holiday filled with mystery, magic and superstition.

Tonight is the night children anticipate nearly as much as Christmas itself.  Ironically, the significance of the two events couldn't be further from each other as far as meanings go.

I've always enjoyed the ghoulish night, the children in wonderful costumes shouting "Trick or Treat!"

Age has changed that a bit for me.  Since my son has gotten older, the excitement has faded.  Now that doesn't mean that he is not out there participating tonight, however, to see this big man child dressed in a Zombie mask and gloves wielding a bloody machete does take away from the childlike, harmless visions of Halloween I've known in the past.  I miss Darth Vader, Batman, Spider man and my favorite, the V character from V for Vendetta.  

I sent them out to do their deed and am enjoying the evening of quiet.  I suppose there are advantages to Halloween as long as you are not participating in the preparations, the walking, the crowds and the late night.  Since Halloween falls on a school night this year and my work day was beyond exhausting, I will sit out this year and let it pass as quietly as it possibly can.

My Town has a large festival in the Main Street area.  I've been numerous times.  It's simply dizzying.  I shall not miss that either.

I am grateful to my daughter for taking the children out on this evening.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Now I never realized, when moving into this neighborhood, what Halloween was in the downtown area.  I remember the first year I lived in this house.  I bought three big bags of candy, a really cool Halloween bowl and My Son, small at the time, prepared to hand out treats to the visitors.  People had said it was a BIG DEAL.  They did not lie.

First, the groups were small , a few kids at a time at my door.  Then with a small gap of time, there was a knock and the familiar shouts of TRICK or TREAT!!  I opened my door, toss candy into bags and looked down the sidewalk.  Honestly, it looked like a third world country had come to my house begging for food.  I gave away candy until it was all gone.  Disgruntled spooks and goblins walked on passed my house as I shamefully turned out my porch light, the universal sign of total surrender.

The houses on the street behind me must honestly spend  hundreds of dollars on candy.  People from everywhere come to the downtown area to send their children trick or treating.  Its an annual pilgrimage.  Cars filled with children stop, groups of kids exit and begin the quest for candy and treats.  Its an overwhelming sight.

But aside from the expense, the crowding and the conflict of a school night, Halloween has descended upon us.  It signals the span of time between Fall and Winter.  It is a necessary ritual of the ages, designed for the young and the young at heart.

For me, I'm heading to bed as its almost 8 pm.

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