Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Unmerciful Case Of Repetition

Forgive my delay in writing, life does seem to fill up my days at times.

Yesterday, smoke reappeared in the sky, only this time it was to the north.  The familiar sounds of sirens and helicopters and airplanes filled our world once again and the word Fire was on everyone's lips.

When I heard the word Fire, I was at work.  It came to me from a student, panicked and needing to leave as they were evacuating his home.  I found myself struggling to remain calm, wanting to leave just as desperately as the student.

The Fire remained to the north and the gentle southerly breeze kept it from My Town all of yesterday and today.  The real test begins tomorrow and Friday when the winds shift and the game changes.  That shift will bring the Fire our direction.

I'm beginning my Thursday, relishing the onset of the close of another work week.  One eye to the sky and an ear to the ground for word of Fire.  Living with this threat is exhausting but in it's own peculiar way, it is becoming a constant and normal.  Does one really exist daily always prepared to evacuate and to lose everything and in the cases of so many, lose everything again?  How unfair would that be.

So, today, I will say my prayers, ask for mercy and we shall see what the day brings.  I'm sure I will be able to repeat this process for many many days to come.

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