Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cocooning In The Dead Of Winter

This is the time of year I love most.   It is the time of year when we take a much needed break from Summer and Fall and all the hustle that goes with them.  It is the time for a vacation from the routine and the mundane rituals that go along with work and school.  We sleep in a little longer, live more spontaneously and breathe more deeply.  We relax.

This Winter break, as it is called, has been as close to perfect as I can recall.  It's pace has been slow and each day never more than I can handle.  This particular break is my customary cocooning time. I do it every year.  Its a time when I retreat from the world and most of the people in it.  I hibernate, I focus on home and family and the world is no bigger than the house I live in.  I can stay in my pajamas all day and makeup is never required unless I fancy to apply it. I keep my existence small and introspect.  I heal my soul with reflection and savor the freedom of my time.

Today is the middle of this vacation, the midpoint, the best part of my time off.  I am still walking into this day without the gnawing thoughts of work creeping into the recesses of my mind.  It's coffee and writing and thinking of anything but that grueling drudgery that is my gainful employment.  Today is still "my down time" and that feels as good as slipping on my favorite soft sweater on a cold day.

I do have a "might get to it today" list floating around in my head.  This list is far more hospitable than the "must do" list that flashes like a neon sign in the forefront of my brain when not on a break.  But for now, I'll enjoy my first and only cup of coffee.

This I have found to be true, on a cold Winter's morning, nothing is finer than that first sip of coffee.  I could never drink coffee without it's wonderful companions cream and sugar.  This picture of bliss has been modified however as I no longer partake of refined sugars.  So my beloved coffee is adorned with vanilla cream and Stevia.

This morning, Pinterest gave me this notion to ponder:

I must admit, I drink coffee and I do stupid things and indeed I do them with faster and with more energy.  Therefore, I deem this statement to be true.  Not drinking coffee would not strip my world of the stupid things I do, but there is no doubt they would be done more slowly and with more labor.

But today, I can commit my fouls at my leisure even though my fuel allows me to perform them at a higher speed.  After all, it is the middle of the vacation and yet another day that is mine to design and enjoy.

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