Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Every Bully Has His Day

Forgive my delay in writing.  I always said that I would write when I had something worthy of telling.  Well, I've been waiting and day has finally come.

In a prior post, I spoke of My Son's daily drama with bullies at his school.  I've heard it said that those middle school years can be vicious.  Last year, My Son's first year in middle school was great.  He loved school, loved every day, nary a complaint.

This year, its much different.  Every day, my "hello son how was your day" is met with a long agonizing detailed description of all that happens to him.  Very seldom is a good.  It tugs at my heart to know that this exceptionally kind young man is tormented each school day by the words and deeds of kids and groups of kids.  I could see it wearing My Son down.  I began to notice he would tell me he didn't feel well and that he was trying to get out of going to school.

Last week, My Son told me he had prayed to God the night before to please let the bullies give him a break.  There is something desperate about a young man praying in the night for relief and respite from chaos and evil.

After the last few days, I have no doubt that God heard his prayers.  He heard the cry of the kind, the generous, the compassionate, the innocent.  He heard the cries of one boy who in the midst of desperation, laced his fingers together and began calling out to his Supreme Being, to his Savior, to his God for help.

Through a series of events, My son's situation came to light.  It didn't just come to light, in a matter of hours, a thousand spotlights were pointed at him and those that torment him.  From many directions, Angels mounted winged stallions and flew to his rescue.  They came to his campus, they went to the haven of his tormentors, they dragged the darkness into the light til there was no place to hide.

This was My Son's day of vindication.  Today he did not walk alone, instead, others came to his side.  Today,  the emotional sword he carried each day was matched by a hundred others.  Today, the bullies had no place to hide and no place to run.

In this world where we easily pass off the cruelty of our adolescent children with phrases like " kids can be cruel" and "boys will be boys" as if almost in an effort to justify their actions, there must come a time when we do not look the other way.  If you ask anyone about the bullying issue, mostly likely you will receive the highest condemnation of it yet when it comes down to it, very little is done to stop it.

That did not happen this week.  This week, young and old, rich and poor, black and white, all came together to stop what should never have started.  Mothers and sons, teachers, coaches, Principals, counselors, friends and family all gave the bully problem the full court press.

It humbled me.  It humbled My Son.  It also made me very proud and hopeful that perhaps at last, we will no longer just say there is no place for bullying, we will actually intervene and demand it be stopped.

My Son's life is worth it.  Every child's life is worth it and we can make a difference all the while knowing that the game isn't over in a day.  The watchful eyes and heart twinged ears must be ever vigilant for the next move, the next quarter, the next play.  When it comes again, the press will be back on again.  Angels will mount their steeds once again and a thousand swords will be drawn in defense of a boy.  My boy who just so happens to be my world.

My sincerest thanks to all those that stepped up and demanded something be done.  Children who live daily with the wrap of tormentors will know better days because of your actions.  You are my Heroes.

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