Friday, August 2, 2013

From Huggies to Cover Girl

Looking back, I see my last entry was in mid March and there was a reason for that gap.  The profoundness of all those Miracles simply ran over me on a daily basis.  It is/was more than I could record.  Even today, I asked and I did receive.

My summer break is quickly coming to an end.  I shudder at how incredibly busy things will soon get.  My son will be returning to school and I to an office so fast paced that time flies. But all that is still a few days away.

This summer has been amazing.  Amazing in that I had time, I had projects, I had resources, I had inspiration and I experienced completions.  The tasks before me at the onset of this break were massive to say the least. I set the goal of each and every day to accomplish one thing that needed to be done. And I did them. It seemed that before I knew it, I was at the point where I was looking at things I wanted to do, wanted to accomplish and I did those too.

I went through boxes and did some purging, ridding myself of many things I thought I needed but really did not. One thing I had been eyeing to trash was the old diaper changing table that I had clung to since my son was born. Over the many many years, it had been used to store gardening items, stowed in corners and simply wandered through my life looking for a purpose.

One day, I sat and gave it good hard look.  Sizing up the height, I knew it would make a perfect makeup table. I thought about using wallpaper to cover the hideous ravages of time.  Then I remembered I had a stack of gardening magazines.  I ran to the computer and learned how to decoupage and went to work. I had everything I needed except the glue which was a minimal expense.

Took me a couple of days to get everything glued, sealed and then polyurethane but once done and once painted with left over paint from another was ready to be used.  Its perfect.  The old drabby shelf now has a second life.



She now looks all girly and springy and pretty.  I'm really not all that creative so for me to transform this old piece of furniture into something I am proud to display, well that says alot. 

I am coasting these last few days. Reflecting on all those days that were mine.  I am content to have had bedtime at midnight, spent hours cutting up material that will be used for a blanket when the winds turn cold again. I'm grateful to have had time to watch movies with my son and drink frappuccinos we make at home.
I especially loved not knowing what day it was or what time it was because it really didn't matter.  

All in all, a delightful summer.  One I will always treasure and remember.

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