Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Standing On The Corner Of The New Year and Remember When

Here we are.  Prepared to say goodbye to another year all the while embracing the promise of a brand new one.

I spent a few hours with my next door neighbor, family and friends then came home for the evening.  Long gone are the staying up til midnight to ring in a new year which oddly enough, in its infancy looks striking similar to the one that just ended.  At my age, I value my warm bed and a good nights sleep on these still cold winter nights.

I did want to take a moment to think about the blessings I have received this year.  I had sunflower miracles  too numerous to count.  I had the great fortune to watch my son grow more into a man every day.  Not just a man but a man any mom could be proud to call son.  My daughter married a wonderful man and together they have built a good home for my grand daughter.  I have found a second job that is never like work and that's the best way to earn money!  I have grown in my Faith and my path became more clear, more simple, more determined.  Perhaps the greatest of my blessings.

A quick story about Andrew, our newest member of the family.

My son and I were watching our favorite replay of a Touched By an Angel episode when he looked at me and said familiar words "Mom, we need to go to Starbucks".  But it wasn't the just get coffee tone of voice, it had purpose.  I said "to get coffee and buy someone else's coffee too?"   He said "exactly."

So off we went.  We talked about how much this random act of kindness can mean to another person, how it can change a day and even a life.  We will never know, but we do know its important to do it.

I pulled into line and waited to order.  I stared at the rear view mirror but there was no one behind me.  I waited and waited, still no one.  I pulled up to place my order with still no one behind me.  I started talking to God saying "I'm here God, you need to send the right person.  Send me someone who needs a little kindness today."   I waited only a few moments longer and there came the car.  I quickly assessed the situation, a mom and her two girls.  My window was down and I heard her place her order, three small drinks.

I finally reached the window to pay for my drinks and for the order behind me.  We got our drinks and never looked back.  That's the way random acts of kindness work.

We came back home and stopped on the back porch to sit.  Within just a few moments, my son asked me if I saw that.  I had no clue what he was talking about.  He pointed to the roof of the garage and said "That....its a cat".  I looked more closely and most certainly, there was a young cat walking on the roof of the garage.  Quickly, I walked over to the building and started talking to him and he acted like he couldn't get to me fast enough.  I had heard a cat crying off and on for over a week but never could find where it was.  Now I had this amazingly handsome young cat in my arms purring.  My son told me when he first saw the cat, the setting sunlight was shining on it and it was glowing, just like the Angels from the TV show.  This nameless cat now has the name Andrew, the most compassionate of all the Angels.

He's a very handsome fellow and now I'm busy baby proofing my world!

Happy New Year everyone.  Remember, everything happens for a reason.

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