Friday, July 11, 2014

The Game Changers

You just never know when things will change.  You wake up every day, go through your daily routine, come home and get ready for the next day.  This can go on for years.

Then in one week everything can change.

The week of July 4, 2014 was that week for me and my son.

Our beloved dog, Cayce, died Monday night.  I really can't even go into details other than she was sick and passed quickly.  I am most thankful to God that was the case.  I had prayed that she either get better or go quickly.  God made His decision and granted us and most importantly Cayce, mercy.

Thursday, same week, found me in the hospital preparing for emergency gall bladder surgery.  Our 4th of July is a blurr of medications, surgery and sleep.  I went home the next day to begin recovery.

And now everything has changed.  We walk into a house that is eerily quiet, no Cayce to greet us.  We no longer have to take the dog out but we also no longer get to see her play with her cat friend Derby.  She was a huge part of our family, required a great deal of care and for three years we were never away from home other than to go to work or school.  Her being gone means a measure of flexibility and freedom.  Freedom we would gladly trade to have one more day with her.

My prized gall bladder was chocked full of stones, no saving it, no removing obstructions, no other option other than to remove it altogether.

So now I begin the next chapter in my life.  Life without that God given tool to help digest foods.  It means watching what I eat and monitoring intake.  I know its different for everyone who has this removed and I am hoping that I will be able to slowly increase the variety of foods I can enjoy.

I will miss you Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino.  I will miss you Dairy Queen turtle pecan bilizzard.  I will miss you ice cream sandwiches.  No doubt you all brought me to this point, but it was good while it lasted.

This new journey has a measure of challenge and excitement.  Finally forced to stick to my good food diet, I look forward to many good days ahead.

To all of you, I wish the very same.

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