Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fire Claims A Second Day

As we awoke to clearer skies and cooler temps, we imagined a better day.  It was not long before the smoke began to rise and it seemed like yesterday all over again.  In lieu of dramatic words, I thought I would simply let pictures tell the story of this fire that has held us hostage for now 48 hours.  Giving credit where credit is due, many of these pictures were taken by my daughter, some were taken by others and posted on FB.  I am deeply grateful to all those that shared pictures of what its like here in my little town.  The different perspectives help give a deeper understanding to what is happening here.  Thank you to all who shared your photos and to my daughter for getting out there and recording what will certainly be memories we will never forget.

An amazing picture - kudos to the photographer

The fire is not contained and with humidity levels extremely low, the battle will continue another day.  Over 5,000 residents of my town have been evacuated and nearly 500 homes destroyed.  No matter what tomorrow brings, my town is changed forever.  As are the lives of so many of it's people.

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