Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Sound Of Sirens

The risk of fires rose yesterday and today.  Humidity levels dropped into the teens and the south winds off the mountains of Mexico heated us up to over 102 degrees.  And its Fall or so its suppose to be.

All afternoon, we have heard sirens and firetrucks moving and responding to hot spot flare ups.  Helicopters moved into the area dropping water on some of the same locations that were already decimated by the wildfire of Labor Day weekend.

At one point today, resources were already beginning to strain as the amount of calls coming in reporting small fires grew. 

We see no smoke in the sky and while that is comforting, the fact that the land is still dry and primed for any spark that may come its way, is not.  The risk remains very high and that doesn't seem to end.

A cold front will blow in this evening, winds will pick and and shift.  There is no doubt that as long as we have no rain, we had better get used to the smell of smoke and the sound of sirens.

And here I was just getting used to clouds in the sky again.

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