Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Comes To Life

The morning started slowly this Saturday, the first Saturday after the fire.  I made my way to the grocery store where I found it eerily void of the masses that usually shop on Saturday mornings.  The aisles were mostly empty, there were no bottlenecks on the bread aisle, no waiting on a break in the line of people with baskets moving in and out of each aisle.  I was in and out of the store in record time.  I've not known that before.

We headed up to the Producers Market on highways with less cars.  I was the only person in the market.  I visited with the lovely man that operates the building.  We talked fire and community and change.

After lunch, a tour of the downtown area revealed life I've not seen in My Town for nearly a week.  I saw vast donation areas, filled with all kinds of things, from food to clothing to furniture.  Everyone is giving and that is because everyone is in need.  The warm temperatures detoured not a soul.  People were out there, under tents, handing out water, making food, helping with insurance claims and just listening as people talked.

And I saw people. Lots and lots of people.  My Town was packed. I saw people from other towns here volunteering their time and resources.  An outpouring of affection for a town and its people. 

Today has renewed my spirit and allowed me to see that we will be OK.  From Mary's email this morning telling me thoughts about rebuilding her house, to the distribution centers filled with cars and people.  There is life after the fire.  Its different but considering how we feel about each other now, in many ways it will be better.

As long as the fires stay away, we can move forward.  Forward and beyond three days we would just as soon forget.

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