Monday, July 18, 2011

And So It Begins

I've never seen much use in blogging, never known a reason for it. But as with most things in life, we often see more clearly with each passing day. I think it's time.

For several years, I've participated in Facebook, doing the sharing and caring thing.  But as of recent, I realized I was finding it lacking substance.  I always wanted to write more than was allowed etc.  So, when I was given the honor of reading a friend's blog, I was compelled to start writing. 

I know writing isn't for everyone, but everyone can do it.  I've seen some amazing blogs and in them I see something very important.  They are a record of our days, like a journal only with so many options for creating a memory of this or that.   But they, in the end, will be our thoughts, our words, our views of the day or topic.  I told my daughter that when I'm gone, she can print my blog and give it to the children.  I really think they can be a lasting gift, if done correctly and with that in mind.

This will  be a sharing of my world and my family (names changed to protect our privacy).

Thank you for reading.

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