Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Has Truly Been Seen, Cannot Be Unseen

My brother Ray said those words to me today. I told him how brilliant it was and he modestly admitted that only the word "truly" was his contribution. Its origin neither here nor there, it was a profound statement in the context of our conversation.

We were talking today about our individual and personal "food revolutions". I had mentioned to him that having watched "FoodMatters" a second time had a different affect than the first. I told him that I thought it was because the information regarding our food supply and what the human body needs had come in fragmented pieces, much like a disassembled puzzle. This education had been delivered in segments but was retained cumulatively. When I saw the documentary again, all the pieces slipped into perfect position and with clarity I could see the big picture. It also reinforced that gut feeling I had that I was doing the right thing. That's when he said "what has truly been seen, cannot be unseen".

Tomorrow I will yet again celebrate another birthday. I don't know what is so special about that "starting place" for me, but each birthday is embraced as if it were New Years Day. Its my day to clean the slate and write anew. Another year to try to get things right. But this year is somewhat different in that the children are older and as they grow more independent, I find more time for myself. Who would have thought that would finally happen.

This summer, my diet in check and the addition of vitamins and supplements, I feel I'm walking into my starting place in a positive way. I am so blessed to have the company of children, the love of family and the gift of health. Never have I appreciated each of these more than I do at this very moment. If its possible to turn back the hands of time, just a bit, then I will work to do so. Why? Because my family will need my love and guidance for as much time as I can give them. I can't give them half when they need my all.

With summer coming to a close, work and school looming, I will set goals, meet those goals and dance in each victory. I will make time to relax, to meditate and to think. I will continue to seek foods that nourish my body and help it to heal. I will sleep and make that healing event a priority. I suppose I will be writing too and that makes my soul laugh with delight.

While none of us knows the number of our days or how many starting places and New Years Days we ultimately get, it only makes sense to not waste them. Not a single one . I have lost people that I love dearly and with all my heart but I'm still alive. I did not die. I have much to do.

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