Friday, July 29, 2011

By The Dawn's Early Light

This morning did not bring good news.  Every day this week, we watched anxiously as the tropical wave turned into the tropical depression which turned into the tropical storm.  The storm was named Don.  We kinda tilted our heads when we heard that name.  Don.  Don?  Don sounds rather weak.  Not like an Ivan.  The name Ivan conjures up pictures of burly Vikings or something.  Its a good strong name Ivan is.  Don?  Not so much.

We dressed up Don's name, calling him The Donald and waited his arrival.  I watched with great delight, the projected path which would ensure our most precious gift.  Rain.   Not just a few drops here and there that has been our case this long dry summer.  But real rain that falls hard and fast enough to make puddles indicating that for the moment, my part of the world had had enough.

Last night, when I went to bed, we were still getting the green light, The Donald was still coming close enough to give us rain.  Oh but by the dawn's early light, things have changed.  The Donald will make landfall further south and we will be left dry.  Hope must go sit back down on the bench and wait for another opportunity.  Hope is not happy and neither am I.

On a bright note, a hummingbird has found the feeder.  Now I don't understand the mindset of a hummingbird but after days and days of waiting, I listened to my six yr old grand daughter.  She said "Mimi, the hummingbirds can't see the feeder, you need to cut down all these trees so they can see it."  I dismissed this logic for several days.  Finally, I moved the feeder away from the trees.  I left it to sit on a wooden gate post and sure enough, within a few hours, we had a hummingbird.  I tried moving the feeder back over to a location near my chair so that I could sit and see the hummingbirds as they fed.  The hummingbirds did not follow it.  So back out on the post it goes.

I'm getting the picture now I think.  Sometimes its just easier to move your chair than it is to move the feeder.

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