Monday, July 25, 2011

The Feeder

Yesterday, I did something I've never done before.  I prepared food and filled a hummingbird feeder.  Big deal you might say.  Well, actually it is a big deal.  

Over the weekend, I traveled with my brother to my sister's home several hours away.  We awoke Saturday morning and went to sit out on her porch.  My chair was positioned nearest the edge by the railing.  We talked and yawned and did all those comfortable things families do when they find themselves waking together after long periods of time apart.

Mornings like that are like slipping on an old comfortable sweater.  It just feels good and it feels right.  Its like waking up in mom's home after you've grown up.  You might be an adult but waking up to the sounds of mom in the kitchen will also awaken the child you used to be.  I can remember doing that, waking up at mom's house, hearing those familiar sounds and how I laid in bed a little longer just listening.  Sounds and voices I have heard since I entered this world.  I would lay there until the child faded into the adult.  

When mom and dad are gone, being with your siblings in situations like that can do the same thing.  This was the first time in nearly 40 yrs we had just had some time to ourselves.  No children, no grandchildren, just us.Special doesn't even begin to describe it.  There is just something about being with people that share your blood.  Knowing that those people have something linked to you that is shared by no one else in the world is what makes us family.  The love we have for each other holds us together like tightly clasped hands.

We sat on that porch and slowly they came.  Hummingbirds and lots of them.  I'm not sure they hum as much as they buzz.  I watched them getting food and behaving most territorially.  It seemed they used up as much energy as they took in chasing other hummingbirds away from the feeder.  If they had shared and taken turns, they would have all been filled and happy.  But no, these delicate little creatures must see the value in that food of theirs and especially in this year of no rain, the importance of every single drop of energy they can find.  

Seated where I was, I had an amazing close up view of them. The feeder was only a couple of feet away. They are indeed magical to watch.  And I did, I watched them and tried to soak in their images.  

It sounds simple, I know.  So what, you saw hummingbirds, you might say.  

The way I see it, in this life of ours, we have opportunities to observe many things.  We can see things that make us so angry we think we will explode or things that are so sad, we think we might die.  We see things that confuse us and things that bring clarity.  We are also blessed to see beauty, acts of kindness and tokens of love.  Its much like a bag of marbles (or a box of chocolates, if you are Gumpish).  You stick your hand in there numerous times each day and you can pull out a dark marble or a clear marble that catches the suns light. You just never know what the day will bring.  But stick your hand in the bag you must.  To deny yourself the game might spare you pain but it will also deny you immense joy and beauty.  Our hearts must be touched. It is spiritual food and just one clear marble can change everything. 

Watching those hummingbirds that morning touched all my senses at once.  And it was a good touch.  Every morning should have them and thus, the hummingbird feeder is now hanging near my chair on my back porch and I'm just waiting for the good touch to find me.  I'm waiting for my clear marble.

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