Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Gathering of Angels

My daughter Jamie came home today from work with a story I just had to share. This is a true story.  It happened today.

After her 30 minute commute to her place of business, she got out of her car in the parking lot.  She noticed a dog.  A big dog at that.  It was wondering around the parking lot, obviously either lost or dumped by someone who no longer loved it.  Jamie saw how thin and fragile this large dog was from days in the hot Texas sun.  Jamie kept walking and entered the building and headed to her desk to start working.

Her coworkers, Alice and Veronica came into the office looking for water.  Jamie went outside and found Wanda with the dog which turned out to be a Husky, a very thin, very thirsty Husky.

The office is located on an extremely busy highway, traveled mostly by large trucks. Wanda had seen the dog head towards the highway and ran after it, keeping it from entering what would have been a certain death. Alice brought one bowl of water after another.  The dog drank and drank and drank. So thirsty for so long, so lost for so long.

Weak and unsteady on its feet, the dog was calm, responding to the ladies talking to her and petting her.  She drank the water and collapsed under their gentle, loving hands. 

"This is the same dog I saw walking up the highway yesterday about five miles from here" Wanda said.  The dog had been enduring temperatures of over 100 degrees every day with virtually no food or water to be found.  This poor dog had endured so much.  The ladies agreed that another day without food and water in the heat would have killed this gentle soul.

Carly came outside to see why everyone had left the office. Carly lived alone since her husband had passed.  Her sons were grown and living on their own.  She said "That's a pretty dog".  The ladies were discussing what to do with her.  They didn't want to call the City as they knew, from the looks of her, she would be put down that very day.  She was so weak and so frail.  Jamie's mind was already moving in the "I'll take her home" direction, even though we already have four cats and no one is at home during the day.  A temporary home we could do, but nothing permanent.  It would be just too much time alone for a dog in such need.  She kept her thoughts silent and waited with the ladies.

It was as if the dog knew Wanda had saved her as she would not leave her side.  Her collapse found her at Wanda's feet.  The ladies waited with the dog while Wanda called her husband and asked him to come and get the dog and take it to the Vet.  It was apparent the dog was in desperate need of medical attention. 

Wanda's husband arrived and determined that in his work vehicle, a trip to Vet would be difficult and require several transfers, alot for a dog in such condition.

 The ladies continued talking about who could possibly take the dog, even for a temporary home.  They grew more determined to save the dog.

Carly said "I can take the dog, I've got 60 acres for that dog to run and play in".  "What should I name her?" Carly asked.

Veronica said "Why don't you call her White Fang?". "Ugh, wasn't White Fang a rabid dog or something?" Jamie asked.  "No, White Fang was a Husky" Veronica replied.  "Well, that's not a good name for this dog." Jamie said.  The sad appearance of this gentle giant did not blend with the strong name suggested.

Carly told the ladies to let the supervisor know she was taking the dog to the Vet and she was taking her right now.  With that, she loaded up the dog into her car and off they went.

The trip to the Vet's office was a good trip and the dog listened while Carly talked to her and kept her calm.  The Vet, upon hearing the story,  agreed to treat her for free.  No expenses incurred for this good deed in progress.  The Vet determined that this Husky was about 7 yrs old, tests indicated she was heart worm free.  But she did have cataracts in both eyes.  They began filling her dehydrated body with fluids and fed her with a tube, pushing life sustaining liquids and nutrients into her emaciated body.

Carly returned to work and told the ladies that she had called her son.  He had just recently lost his own pet, which was a Husky.  He told his mom "Mom, I don't care whats wrong with her, I'll take her.  She will have a home with me."

So, the lost gentle giant that was this wandering dog, stumbled into the right parking lot, on the right day and was surrounded by Angels.  The Vet office continued the day's miracle by providing free treatment and care.  In the end, the man who needed a dog, found a dog.  And the dog who needed a home found all the love she will ever need.  No more hunger, no more thirst.  Just love.

Who ever said Angels don't run in packs never met these ladies, that Vet or this dog.

And that's what makes this day and this story worth sharing.

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