Sunday, August 21, 2011

One More Milestone

I guess I never realized how many milestones there are to a calendar year.  We think about the obvious holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.  But there are so many more during the course of the year.  Some we share, some are unique to our families and some are personal. 

Today was spent getting things ready for the next milestone.  This milestone hits most parents, most children, my family and me.  My day was filled with lists.  Tasks to be completed before the milestone which is scheduled for 7am tomorrow morning at our house.  The milestone is the end of summer.

Now Mother Nature doesn't know that summer is ending in 10 hours.  Oh no, she has dialed up some very hot temperatures for the week.  The burner is on high and the kettle is boiling. But that doesn't matter, the milestone is coming and it cares little for the antics of Mother Earth. 

How quickly the summer passed.  It sits like a road mile marker in our rear view mirrors.  Getting smaller with each passing  hour, each passing day.  School starts tomorrow and we will pass, in one giant chaotic leap, over the milestone and then in a day or two, summer will be gone from view. 

I gave it alot of thought today about this milestone.  The children advance a grade, the calendar year changes and we enter the 2011-12 school year.  My Son will be entering the sixth grade, my granddaughter the 2nd.
How quickly time is flying.  It flutters its wings and refuses to be contained.  Nothing can stop it and we must simple let it go and see where it takes us.  We truly are along for the ride, so hang on!

For those of you marking this milestone tomorrow, I wish you well.  I hope the children can find their socks and you remember where you put your keys.  May there be no separation tears and may the end of the day be filled with wonderful excitement and approval for a first day gone well.

Sleep well everyone.  The milestone cometh.

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