Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Mental Adjustment

Every single day brings new challenges.  Work, home, personal, financial, it is always something.  We simply cannot escape them.

The truly wonderful thing about challenges is that they allow us to reach new heights of accomplishment.  Sure it will mean giving more.  More time, more energy, more, more, more.  But isn't it amazing that we find more to give? 

For me, this week, it is home and work.  School begins next week and preparations are underway at work for me.  The children in my  home are becoming more anxious and the calm pace of summer is but a memory.  I'm feeling the anxiety as well.  So very much to do.  It is this transition time that makes life so incredibly challenging.  Is it just me or is everyone feeling completely unprepared.  I have a tendency to regret not spending more time organizing and purging much of the bounty I have at home when I had the time.  But if you have children in your home, you know how difficult it is to tackle projects and to keep things organized.  You can try but it either doesn't get done or doesn't stay clean.  That's just a fact of life with children.

So here is my plan for today.  Today at work, I will do as much as I can.  I will be diligent and relentless.  Then I will come home, take my darling Son to meet his new teachers.  I will fight through the crowded halls filled with families doing exactly the same thing and then I will come home.  Preparations for the next day will then commence.

Right now its just one day at a time.  I'm trying not to let the enormity of the next few days overwhelm me.  I do have that choice.  After all, as its said, its not what happens to us that matters, its how we respond to that which occurs.

So make the moments matter today.  Do your best, give your all at work but save alot of energy for those you love.  Make sure you keep those anxious feelings in check as they do more damage than help.  Remember to treat yourself well and be patient with yourself and those around you.  And yes, I'm saying these things as much for me as you.

Just remember, when you wake up tomorrow, it will be Friday.  And that's a very good thing!

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