Friday, August 12, 2011

Softly Comes the Evening

Sitting on my back porch, watching the day come to a close, I find peace.  The light has found it's sweet spot between daylight and dark with the last of the sun's rays casting an amber glow upon my back yard.  The world is settling down.  Birds have found trees in which to roost and only the warm breeze rustling leaves offers any sound. It is my favorite time of day. 

As this Friday comes to a close, the work day behind me, I am calmed by the complete lack of things that require my attention.  Tomorrow will bring its own set of demands but for right now, there is nothing, no deadlines, no preparations for another work day.  Its just Friday evening. A Friday evening that came softly and gently to me.  It has lifted my burdens and allowed me to breathe and to relax.

My time is my own on a Friday evening.  I can write, I can soak in a warm tub, I can nap, I can do whatever I choose.  Life can be so busy that we fail to appreciate that Friday joy.  I know many people choose to go out with friends and stay up late and celebrate the end of another week with laughs and drinks. They fill up their weekends with things to do.  To me, the celebration consists of  crawling into my bed, sleeping undisturbed and awakening when I choose. Having less to do on the weekend is my goal.  I am indeed simple and uncomplicated. 

So to all you that note this close of the work week and the beginning of yet another glorious weekend, I say enjoy!  However you choose to spend it, may it be all you want and need.

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