Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Mothers, One Day

Today, I celebrated the birth of my son.  Twelve years ago today, he was given to me and since that day, has done nothing but bless me and my world.  It is an  honor and a privilege to be  his mom.  He and I talked about that day twelve years ago and I did my best to share what memories I still have of that event.  He listened eagerly to the details of his entrance into this world and asked for more.  He's at that age where knowing where he came from means as much as where he is and where he might go.

I headed off to work and My Son went to school.  I thought of him often on this special day.  As busy as I was, I found time to think of him and to feel the excitement of his birthday.  I was happy and I knew he was too.

Then came word that a former student had been killed in an auto accident earlier in the morning.  My heart sank.  I felt sick inside.  I saw tears on the faces of family members as they exited the building, heading home to be with their family on this horrible day.  Their pain was palatable.  It was familiar and it was awful.  Losing someone suddenly is unimaginable and if it hasn't happened to you, well, then you can never fully understand how it feels and what it does to a person, to a family..

As I sat and thought about this day, I realized that there were two mom's today, thinking about their sons.  One was crying uncontrollably, the other smiling and handing over a birthday surprise to small waiting hands.  For very different reasons, both moms found their minds racing to recapture all the years that have gone by.  Both mom's digging deep within their memories, recalling moments of their sons learning to walk, going to Kindergarten, reaching new height marks on the door where they measured growth.  Two moms on the same day.  One mom mourning the loss of her son, the other celebrating  her son's gift of life.

While I marvelled at My Son today, at how much he had grown, how much he had changed, I thought about that other mom as well.  I held my son a little tighter and kissed him more knowing that this one day, this extra day was his gift to me.  That today, I was spared what the other mom was enduring.

May I never know her pain.

Happy 12th Birthday!!!

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