Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Unchosen is Chosen

Today is a very big day in our home.  We will be rescuing a dog and bringing her here to our home to hold until we can find a permanent home.

Now, keep in mind this is a cat home.  This is a cat's world.  But today, things will change for a time.  Normally I would not consider this, but my sense of decency has urged me to take the leap of faith that we can absorb this dog for a time.  Best case scenario, she will be a perfect fit and never leave us.  Worst case, she finds the person/family she was meant to have all along.

This decision was not made in haste.  We have waited til the children were older, the cats adjusted and life had a set routine before throwing yet another dependent into the mix.  Dogs are needy but anyone that has ever owned a dog and loved a dog can understand the great contribution they make to our worlds.  I love my cats but I do miss the love of a dog.  My cats are special but so is the companionship of a good dog and in my eyes, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Learning of Cayce's story was enough for us to agree, now was the time to try.

Blogworld, allow me to tell you about Cayce.

Cayce is a 6 yr old white schnauzer that has lived her entire life locked in a crate. She is only out to go to the bathroom in the evening, the rest of the time her crate has been her bathroom and her world.  She has been denied love and interaction with humans other than the observations she can make from inside the crate.  She has not been groomed or cared for. Her very existence has been ignored save for food and water.  Cayce has not yet begun to live.  That will all change today.

Cayce will be ours for as long as we can have her.  We will socialize her and love her and treat her the way she should have been treated all along.  Today begins Cayce's second life.  Today everything changes.

I've thought about this day.  I thought about Cayce thinking that today, the world will once again only be the crate.  Hopefully, her current owner will have the good sense to clean her up and get her ready for a departure.  That may be too much to ask from someone who has failed to demonstrate anything even remotely close to that in the past 6 yrs.

The countdown to Cayce's arrival is now 2 hours.  The house is busy making last minute adjustments for this new addition. We are all excited and the cats have no clue what is about to happen.

Sasha is sleeping on my bed as usual, the other cats have found quiet places to rest as well. Miss Liz is sleeping outside oblivious to the intrusion that is about to befall her and the others.  They have no idea and there is no way to properly prepare them.  Most have absolutely no history with an animal of the canine persuasion   Won't this be interesting?

Jamie just made a trip to the pet store to secure a harness and leash, food and other items our new pooch will need.  Its all coming together.  Next stop at noon to free Cayce.  The clock is ticking and the anticipation growing.


Cayce is here!  The sweetest dog you could ever know.  Her appearance leaves much to be desired and her neglect is more than apparent.  Her beautiful white hair is stained from too long in a dirty crate.  She has sores on her from too much time in a filthy crate.  She needs time to heal both inside and out.  She has only barked once.

She spent time getting to know all of us and one cat so far.  Her legs are weak from inactivity but she is alert and eager to be part of our family.  She looks so incredibly happy.  So incredibly free!

Welcome Cayce!

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  1. I couldn't be happier for all of you. A wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it.