Friday, August 5, 2011

When Spark Meets Drought

There are few words that scare people living in a drought more than the word fire.

Cell phones sound, emails fly and there is a mass communication about this one word.  The entire area around my town is a timber box.  The grass is long dead and dry, trees wilting under the oppressive daily heat. Temperatures today again reached 106 degrees.

Then we see smoke.  Your heart sinks and your stomach tightens.  A thousand thoughts pass through your mind.  You wonder, am I ready to evacuate my home?  Am I ready to surrender all I have to a fire?  Is this the day the drought and a spark change my life and my world?

With the radio scanners going, clinging to information, we wait.  We watch the sky to the north and the smoke that covers it.

Its so very hot.  I think about the men and women fighting a grass fire in 106 degree weather.  I wonder which way its moving.  I wonder who and what is in its path.

The drought will claim many victims as it progresses this year.  Animals, trees, crops, homes and so much more.  I'm not sure why mother nature has turned so cruel to our state.  I just know the cruelty is nearly unbearable.

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