Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nine Minutes

Alarm clocks have a nine minute snooze feature.  Why nine minutes?  Those much wiser than myself know that the body can wake and then rest but not fall into a deep sleep if awakened again within nine minutes.  How smart.  How thoughtful.

This morning, after one full day back at work, after a day that demanded a great deal mentally from me following weeks of a slower pace, those nine minutes were filled.  In one nine minute period, this amazing brain of mine managed to scan through every problem I could foresee this week.  This new school year is riddled with obstacles.  We have a new data base that is familiar but very different.  We know what to do, but unsure how to do it.  We have a new way of communicating within the district.  We know what we need to say but not sure how to say it.

In nine minutes, I thought about every issue I had with both of these changes.  I mentally listed in detail what I needed to learn before next Monday when the students return when accuracy and speed will mean the difference between success and failure.

Nine minutes.  I so completely filled my nine minutes between snooze and sleep that when I had finished reviewing the situation, the alarm still hadn't gone off again.  Had I accidentally turned it off?  Just as I reached for the clock to check, the alarm sounded.  Nine minutes.  I had mentally done an amazing about of mental work and mental processing in less than nine minutes.

While I worry that all the changes will mean a more difficult start to the school year, this morning gave me a little more comfort.  After all, I accomplished so much in only nine minutes.  Did I answer all the questions, did I learn all I needed to learn this morning? No.  Did I solve all my problems? No.  But what I did was realize was that the brain can work at lightening speed and if I can do all I did this morning in nine minutes, just imagine how much I will accomplish in the next four days.

Have a great day everyone and remember, never doubt the power of the human brain. 

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