Monday, August 8, 2011

Protective Monday

I was awake so early this morning, watching the clock strike 4am. I moved to the computer finally and checked out the stock market, watching Gold hit the 1700 dollar mark. I wrote an elaborate piece about finance, government, the state of the union and then deleted it all after realizing I really don't know enough to form an opinion.  What I do know is that most of us that have our retirement invested in the market (but not Gold) are losing more money. That's all I really know.  The Whys and the Hows matter not.

I'm avoiding the mainstream news.  Only so much bad news a human can absorb and I already know the people of this world are behaving like fire ants in a freshly disturbed mound.  Anyone who knows these little creatures that live in large numbers, knows when the ant mound is disturbed there is a rapid and angry response.  And the bottom line is someones getting stung. I certainly don't need to see that to appreciate the dangers in my own yard or the world. So I'm giving the world a blind eye today.  It will have to be in turmoil without me as a spectator.

I started to post some of today's headlines to preserve some history for the day but quickly became overwhelmed with the enormity of it all.  The delete button was pressed.

I think its just time to hunker down in my sanctuary, plant some peach tree seeds and work on a hydroponic set up for the indoor herb garden. The latter I have no clue how to do but then we really don't know what we can do until we try.  That should be plenty for today. 

Wishing everyone a lovely, most productive day.


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