Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Normalcy Bias

As you can see I'm compiling a Recipe page so that I can share the healthy recipes I find and actually prepare and like.  Nutrition is important if we truly want to stay out off of the medical treadmill.

I'm watching the stock market as well this morning. There are those that believe that the market will continue to sustain itself as well as the American economy.  I am not of that belief.  With the switch within the economy from the industrial revolution to the service industry as a nation, the loss of jobs and the inability to create jobs, I can not see our economy sustaining itself.  That is a concern.

With this year's flooding in the Midwest and the drought everywhere else, food production will be down.  Another concern.  This will give us several options as I see it.  We will either have less food availability,  higher prices for what is available or we will be dependent on foods imported from other countries.  I don't have much of confidence in products imported from China and many other countries do not adhere to the same safety standards we have set in place in the USA.  Either way we will be affected financially and nutritionally.

Many people I've talked to in casual conversations say "Oh, that's ridiculous. The stores are full of food and if they don't have enough food generated from this country, we can always find it from other countries.  I refuse to be one of those food hoarders."  There it is, a fine label for preparedness.  A label for those that prepare for the worst case scenario, be it man or nature.  A label for those that think ahead, strive for some sense of self sustainability.

My mom was not labeled.  She was cut from the cloth of the great depression.  I watched her learn to bake  her own bread as well as can and dehydrate foods.  She remembered what it was like to have to provide food for yourself.  She remembered that it was important to not depend on anyone unless you bartered for items and food.  She understood that you needed to know how to sew a shirt or dress and make a blanket with some yarn and a hook.  As she used to say, "You just never know whats going to happen".

The great depression was a different scenario for the people of this country compared to how it would be if we, God forbid, found ourselves in a similar situation today.  Back in those depression and dust bowl years, 90% of the American people knew how to live off the land and how to sustain themselves.  If we had to endure that same kind of depression now, only 10% have the skills it takes to survive on their own.  That does not create a pretty picture in my mind.  We are technology driven and comfort driven.  We have our homes, all kinds of  food in the stores and instant communication.  A world without those things would be quite the shock.  I heard it said once that most Americans suffer from what is called Normalcy Bias.  That being, if people have not experienced something, they don't believe it can happen.  We've never experienced a full depression so we don't believe it can happen.  We've never experienced an extended period of time when the soil has turned to dust and food is not available, therefore it cannot happen.

Nothing my parents taught me has gone to waste.  Not one idea, not one skill was without merit.  I listened to my grandparent and learned from those days as well.  Those generations did not suffer from Normalcy Bias.  They knew things, even bad things, could happen and they knew how to survive.

I've taken action for the past year to secure enough to sustain my family for a time when bad things happen. I encourage all that read this to do the same.  

To those that don't think that its important to be prepared in every way, they need only look to their own government websites that TELL them to be prepared.

And with that, its time to start building a greenhouse.  Winter is coming.

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