Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Merits of Saturday

The last weekend before the school year begins.  What a week it has been.  Crazy busy and yet, there is something about being overly productive to make one sleep well at night.

Today, the last Saturday before we ring the bells and call the children to class for the first day of school, I worked a little more at the office.  The silence of the halls and of the office was relaxing.  It was easy to think.  I could walk over and talk to a coworker and not feel the pressure to hurry back to my chair and work station.  It was so peaceful, so nice.

I have done all I can do to prepare for Monday.  It will come and things will be fine.  Once again the first push of the wheel will begin the self propelling daily routine that is public education.

But this is my Saturday.

My brother, whom I love dearly, once told me that since he retired all his days are Saturdays.  What a wonderful concept!  He awakens to a Saturday morning every morning.  The days are his to fill or leave empty.  I can hardly imagine how that feels.  Sure, during my summer vacation, I get a good feel for that mindset.  And while I can tell myself that my vacation is six weeks of Saturdays, I know they come to an end in August.  I do not yet know the absolute joy of endless Saturdays.

Of my siblings, I am the only one not retired.  I am delighted they have managed to find a way to step off the hamster wheel of racing rats.  I am so glad they are able to fill their days with productivity of their choosing, their design.  I often think retirement is much like life long ago when people didn't work for an employer. Instead, they worked to sustain themselves.  They had gardens, prepared their own foods and lived their lives much in the confines of their property.  While the physical world tends to shrink when retired, thanks to technology, the world never does.  It seems from where I sit, retirement appears to be the best of both worlds.  Time to be productive, but time managed on your own terms.

My Saturday, today, was a filled with last minute work at the office followed by a quick trip to the local Producers Market.

It is my only Saturday for the next seven days.  I will keep working til all my days are Saturday and that's great incentive to keep going!  I can't wait to jump off the wheel!

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